For Visitors

Insight Visitor Management System makes it easier for you to manage visitors digitally. With VMS, you can Transform your visitor experience and take signing in to a whole new level. The system incorporates the safety, security and privacy of your visitor’s personal information



Visitor Recognition

Our Visitor Recognition can reduce paperwork and time, automatically signing in and displaying specific messages to a visitor.



Display induction information, Non Disclosure Agreements and notices with a pre sign in disclosure in VMS.


Easy Check-In

Fully automate the sign in and out process with the quick QR reader.

For Hosts

Direct visitors to the right person with VMS. Making management easy for hosts and automating the whole process, visitors registering their own arrival and departure.



With our pre-register feature, save time and paperwork upon visitor arrival.


Advance Arrangements

Make arrangements in advance by booking meeting rooms & facilities, within the Dashboard.


Welcome your Visitor

Get notified instantly when the visitor arrives


Communication between host and visitor

VMS makes it easy to communicate with your visitors as you’ll get their contact details as soon as they check in with you.


For Receptionists

With VMS, you can assign receptionist roles so staff can view real time activity logs for arrivals, use pre-registration features and access emergency evacuation lists.


Pre-register visitors

Pre-register visitors for all the hosts.

Easy Facilitation

Book meeting rooms and facilities

Evacuation List

Access emergency evacuation lists

Complete Visitor Log

View visitor list of all the host

For Administrators

Managing and Configuring becomes simple with VMS giving the administrator full access to manage terminals, hosts, settings and subscription options.


Customizable Terminal

Make a mark on your visitors by customising welcome messages, logo’s and background images


App Management

Admin can manage all the mobile apps (Host, Receptionist, Visitor) from web interface.


Dynamic Content Messages

Easily update terminal messages from the web interface


Host Management

Manage and add hosts by bulk invitations and imports


Subscription Management

Manage all the information on subscription and billing with VMS.


User permissions

Assign different permissions to staff whilst keeping full access for yourself.

Badge Printing

Printing passes for hosts and visitors is a built in feature of VMS. Connect a label printer to your network and print away.



Customize your badges fully with our online badge editor. Add your logo and a QR code, change fonts and colors.



Add users' appointment details on badge, include meeting rooms, wifi code and safety icons.



Plan ahead and never let things be late by pre-printing your badges, VMS also allows you to prepare visits in advance and print badges before they arrive.


Notify Hosts instantly as soon as the visitor arrives for a meeting. All the details are regularly updated keeping the visitors and hosts informed.


Welcome Visitor

Host will get notifications along with visitor detail when visitor check in to their premises.


Send Passes

Passes can be sent to users in advance via Email.


Keep the company and its users privacy and safety a top priority with the built in features of VMS.


Visitor agreement

At check-in you visitosr will sign all your terms, agreement, health & safety instructions and rules.


Emergency list

In case of emergency you can immediately access details and contact with all your current visitors who are available in premises.


User permissions

Grant staff and visitor permissions to keep sensative information as private as it should be.

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