Sleek and Secure

VMS records visitors, both pre-booked and guest visits. An invitation and pass system ensures that your business remains secure and grants the correct access.


Comprehensive Dashboard

The VMS dashboard lets you manage all aspects of your visitor base from its cloud based storage.

Terminal Based Selection

Select groups and users by terminal with the terminal manager allowing easy access and record isolation.

Integrated User Safety

Built in evacuation list and user activity reports to ensure the safety of your users and records.

Record Management

Pre registrations and events planning functions to book your guests in early and keep a track on numbers

Address Book

Compile a database of user records in VMS' handy address book, all saved to the cloud to be accessed from anywhere.

Trending Activity

Sign in activity chart lets you view trends in timing and duration of the visits from your users.

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Three Stage System

Cloud based record system with unlimited free storage included. Full scaliability with our intelligent cloud database.

Web based mangement dashboard givng you a central overview of users and terminals.

IoS compatible appliction to use on terminal devices as a sign in tool.

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